UMG Green Challenge

Competing to cut carbon within the Universal Music Group.

In aid of Earth Month, Universal Music Group US (UMG) wanted to encourage employees to offset their carbon footprint as much as they could. The challenge provided an opportunity for participants to learn of small actions that can be taken by anyone in everyday life that have an impact.

The internal site was set up for employees to track their progress and the progress of their department. Which could be compared with others in a leader-board. As part of the initiative and during onboarding, users were given a selection of good causes that they could support. Which meant that for every 1kg of CO2 avoided, UMG donated money to the causes selected by each participant.

page UMG-GReen
page.


  • Sign-in that only permits those with a UMG email address.
  • Onboarding.
  • Account are for users to view their good cause.
  • A dashboard of challenges and user stats.
  • CO2 conversions and unit conversions.
  • Leader-boards for departments and inter-departments.
  • Social feed that pulls tweets.
  • A carbon calculator which allows users to make their own calculations of daily tasks.
Sample of challenges.
Leader board.
Challenge submission.
Account area
Account area.


Agency: PrettyGood
Project Manager: Mike Speakman
Backend Developer: Al Petfield

Tags: Design, Full-Stack, UX