2023 Decoded

A year of growth, challenges and bags full of new people and experiences!



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In Norway they call it Romjul. A word that describes a somewhat abstract and yet dreamy period of time; the time between Christmas Day and New Years. I myself, are fond of the more marketable term ‘Betwixtmus’ – with potential there for either Twix or Weetabix?!

Rather than succumbing to post-turkey nibbles and repeats of sitcoms from days gone by, I took to celebrating the past year. In the only way I know how, by building a landing page!


While life isn’t just about achievements, we should celebrate them when we can. Reflecting on the past year has been a powerful exercise for me in self-discovery and learning. 2023 has brought with it a a tide of experiences new people and projects that were never boring.

Decode me

I put together a one-page narrative, mixing professional achievements with personal moments. The one-pager was tied together by bespoke illustrations by Jon Trace who created some lottie illustrations for the first time. Who says learning can’t be fun?

Take a look at my 2023 Decoded by following the link below.

Thank you to everyone who has been part of my journey, whether through support, challenges, or shared moments. Here’s to a new chapter in 2024.

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