Alfie Templeman X Minecraft

An immersive 360 degree web store for Mellow Moon Minecraft Festival.

The Brief

To promote Alfie Templeman’s new album titled ‘Mellow Moon’, a virtual Minecraft Festival took place in collaboration with Minecraft and Amazon Music. The festival took place at the end of May 2022 inside the hugely popular immersive game, Minecraft. The festival was also livestreamed on the Amazon Music UK Twitch channel.

As part of the festival we built an immersive 360 degree web store experience complete with Minecraft in-game collectables. The store was designed to look like an extension of the Minecraft world and it contained exclusive Alfie Templeman merchandise and the ability to pre-order the upcoming album.


  • Skybox and 3D Minecraft world the user can pan and zoom around.
  • Hotspots to engage with products.
  • Product information pulled from an external source.
  • Checkout/Basket feature.
Alfie Templeman's Store UI
Alfie Templeman’s store,

Mellow Moon Minecraft Festival

Alfie Templeman X Minecraft Festival poster.

“I’ve been playing Minecraft for years so it’s amazing to see my album alive and kicking in that world and incredible that some of my favourite artists are going to join me in playing this festival – I can’t wait for everyone else to see this now!” – Alfie Templeman

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Agency: PrettyGood
Project Manager: Sean Bullingham
Back-end Developer: Al Petfield

Tags: 360, Front-end Development