My Accomplice

Site refresh for London based film production company.

Website refresh and re-structure of London-based production company who have been involved with an impressive roster of talent and organisations.

A Consistent Design Language

My first goal was to establish a consistent and harmonious design throughout the entire website. The new design integrates the visual identity of My Accomplice, using the triangle as a hero piece to showcase all the great work. The typography was updated along with simplifying the colours to a black and white to ensure every aspect resonates with the spirit of the brand.

Distinguishing Page Types

To enhance the user experience and improve navigation, I implemented clear distinctions between different page types. The hope being that visitors will now easily recognise and explore the various sections of the website, from their talent to case studies and feature films.

Utilising CMS Collections

Improving the UX of the backend is just as important to manage content as it is for frontend visitors. This approach allows for easy updates, additions, and organization of content, ensuring the website stays dynamic and relevant.

Enhanced UX and Navigation

My primary focus was to ensure that users could effortlessly find the information they need. I’ve refined the site’s navigation, helping them uncover the depth and breadth of My Accomplice’s work.

Working within Squarespace Limitations

My Accomplice’s website is hosted on Squarespace, and I embraced this platform’s unique strengths and limitations. I made sure to use the most of Squarespace’s capabilities, ensuring the site is efficient, responsive, and visually stunning, while manageable for the client.

Content Migration and Upload

As a part of this project, I handled the seamless transition of content from the old site to the new one. Every piece of content was carefully reviewed and transferred, maintaining the integrity of My Accomplice’s message and portfolio.

Tags: Design, Front-end Development