Adding curvaceous character to the full-fibre brand.

The Client

Fibrehop are a UK full-fibre broadband provider operating in four – soon to be five cities. Unlike ‘superfast’ part-fibre, part-copper broadband, Fibrehop provides only 100% pure fibre.

The Challenge

Fibrehop wanted to have their website reflect their lively and youthful brand.

The website was designed and built with curved text, vibrant colours and imagery that were clipped to shape. Which provided a unique challenge and a unique aesthetic within the broadband marketplace.

Fibrehop website

Animated Features

Along with an animated gradient in the background of the navigation bar we also provided subtle fade-ins of content to ease the user down the page.

My favourite feature is the CSS animated logo in the footer.

See the Pen Bounce by Arron Taylor-Peter (@arrontp) on CodePen.


Agency: Plaster
Simon Brown – Developer/Project Manager

Tags: Front-end Development