Blue Cross: How to pick a winning greyhound

A campaign to end greyhound racing

Did you know there are only 10 countries in the world where greyhound racing is still legal, and four of those are in the UK? 

The animal rights charity Blue Cross aim to end greyhound racing within five years. This national print and digital campaign #dontraceembrace attempts to raise awareness of greyhound racing in the UK and launch a petition to help end it for good.

The avoidable injury or death of just one dog is a tragedy and that is why Blue Cross launched a campaign to end this so-called ‘sport’. Instead of many puppies forced to grow up alone in a cold kennel with an inevitably miserable future before their retirement, we want to see them grow up in loving homes as much-loved pets where they can enjoy a cuddle on the sofa. 

The brief

Greyhound racing is big business for some. Create a series of ads that take aim at betting shops that sponsor and promote greyhound racing.

The concept

Our designs mimic the style seen in betting ads. In particular reference was drawn from Coral Betting. The title sponsor of The Coral Puppy Cup and Romford Greyhound Stadium.

Betting ads visual analysis.

The dog used in the creative was produced using AI with consultation support from a greyhound expert.

Our spoof ads were displayed near dog tracks and in the case of Romford, parked near the front gates.

The launched campaign

Digital sign showing campaign ad
Digital street billboard.
Digitvan parked outside Romford Greyhound Stadium.
Guardian half page advert.


Agency: Don’t Cry Wolf
Founder: John Brown
Managing Director: Sara Collinge
Campaign Leader: Harriet Courage
Senior Account Director: Chole Lillywhite
Designer: Sam Allen

Tags: Advertisement, Graphic Design