A selection of logos designed for various clients.

Below are a selection of logos commissioned over the last few years. They are all final designs in use by clients (except one) and include a mixture of wordmarks, lettermarks, pictorial-marks, abstract and combination marks.

Lemon Press Productions

Film production company, Bristol UK.

Lemon Press logo, black on yellow background. A silhouetted lemon cross-section that also appears as a film reel with celluloid unspawling away from the lemon.
Lemon Press Productions logo on their yellow branding.

Pretty Pragmatic

Performance marketing agency based in Bristol.
Co-designed with Steven Yendole and art directed by Nick Davies.

Pretty Pragmatic
Pretty Pragmatic symbol.


MANDEM’s inclusive space for debate for all people of any background on topics regarding race, culture and identity.

Logo white on black background. A negative space design of a ghost symbol that also appears as a fountain pen.
Ghostwriter logo for MANDEM.


An online media platform for young people exploring arts, politics and culture. Primarily with a focus on providing a unique space for young men of colour to express themselves through writing, music and film. This version is not currently in use.

Headshot in black of Mansa Musa side-on with the word MANDEM below.
MANDEM Mansa Musa headshot logo.

Dan Warzaw

Bristolian Alternative DJ and resident Bradley Stoke Radio presenter.

Dan Warzaw logo. A white wordmark that's slanted on a black background.
Dan Warzaw monochrome logo.


Sustainable Architect, Wales, UK.

Radicle logo.

Read Wales

Welsh Politics media platform with a focus on young people’s voices, Wales UK.

Read.Walesn logo on black.

Désolé Records

Record Label, Bristol UK.

Collage style type of the word Desole positioned diagonally from top left to bottom right. In a black circle with the letter O being extra bold acting as the label for a vinyl record.
Désolé logo.

Harboured Reality

A Web Augmented Reality proof-of-concept platform that allows users to interact and explore the Underfall Boatyard, Bristol, UK.

Abstract logo made up of rectangle, three squares and a triangle.
Harboured Reality abstract logo.


360 degree and Virtual Reality photographic company.

Wordmark logo with vivid blue background.
360Pioneers wordmark.


Indie rock and Alternative club night. Bristol, UK.

Atmosphere written in capitals with a lightning bolt protuding from the left leg of the latter A.
Atmosphere logo.


Indie and Punk club night. Bristol, UK.

Punk hand-drawn lettering of the word Sabotage on a bright yellow background.
Sabotage Logo.

The New America

Punk-rock band, Bristol, UK.

Combination mark with the bands name xombined with an simplified abstraction of the American flag.
The New America band logo.

Evans Construction

Construction company, Swansea, UK.

Orange background with the brand name capitalized in gray. A rounded font with the letter A representing a house.
Evans Construction logo.


Online ethical clothing company.

Quomodo written in a rounded font in white on a dark green background.
Quomodo logo.

AJ Consultants

Business consultants, Beijing, China.

Lowercase letter a and j. The a's typographic tail joins at the tittle of the letter j. Greyscale image.
AJ Consultants logo.

Kitchen Designer

Freelance kitchen designer, Bristol, UK.

Kitchen Designer in a rectangle with angled corners on thre sides clockwise from top-left. Greyscale.
Kitchen Designer logo.

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